University United Methodist Church

What is happening at UUMC

University United Methodist Church
1127 University Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53715


Please join us at the following events
• December 24 - Fellowship starts at 4:00
Movie Premiere 5:30
Candlelight service 7:00 PM

Welcome to University United Methodist Church! I hope that you will feel at home as you share this space with many other persons and groups. Our ministry is full and varied. University United Methodist Church understands that people today are seeking a spiritual foundation for their lives. This congregation welcomes this seeking and provides a safe nurturing place for study, reflection and worship. We invite you to consider participation in the life of University Church. Sunday worship begins at 12 noon. Child care and Christian education during worship services are provided for ages 18 months to 5th grade. Your presence with us is welcome.

Grace and Peace,
JungJa Haynes Lee, pastor,
University UMC

Sunday Worship Service @ 12:00 noon
Sunday Child Care for ages 18 months to 5th grade Potluck Luncheon after worship first Sunday of each month


University United Methodist Church 608-256-2353
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